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London Build Meetup

On 1st and 2nd of October 2019, Cloudflare, Bloomberg and Google hosted a Build Meetup at the Cloudflare offices in London.

The event was be themed around all things build and test. Developers and enthusiasts of Bazel, BuildStream, BuildXL, Dune, Pants and others were on site. A special area of interest are Cloud Build Systems (aka Remote Execution). It was fun! Thank you to all those that attended.

Social Media

If you would like to tweet about the event, please use the hashtag #buildmeetuplondon – we would love to see your photos of the event!


08:20 - Registration & Breakfast

09:00 - Welcome & Announcements

09:10 - Build Systems a la carte - Andrey Mokhov (Jane Street) Slides

10:00 - Dune: the Build System for Ocaml - Jeremie Dimino (Jane Street) Slides

10:45 - Break

11:05 - Microsoft Remote Build Execution: Dev Speedup with Non-Hermetic Build Engines - Erik Mavrinac (Microsoft) Slides Repo

11:55 - Observing process lifetime and filesystem accesses reliably on macOS - Kristijan Simic (Microsoft) Slides Repo

12:40 - Lunch

14:00 - One minute Presubmits - Eric Burnett (Google) Slides

14:50 - Platforms & Toolchains - Gregory Estren (Google) Slides

15:35 - Break

15:55 - Buildstream - Benjamin Schubert (Bloomberg) & Tristan Maat (Codethink)

16:45 - Buildbox world - Jeremiah Bonney (Bloomberg) & Santiago Gil (Codethink) Slides

17:30 - Close

17:40 - Networking Drinks

On day two there will be plenty of time for collaboration, discussion and hacking. We’ll also be holding a round of lightning talks.

Lightning Talks

Package Manager Integration with Bazel - Andreas Herrmann Slides

Apt Lockfiles - William Manley Slides

Testing Bazel’s Remote Execution API - Laurence Urhegyi Slides

ostree - William Manley Slides

Remote Execution on Windows from Linux - Fredrik Medley (Veoneer) Slides

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